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A New Week

A new week…


The weather gets warmer, cloudy, cool it is really nice to see all the flowers blooming.


I want to touch base with all of our patients.


I have received several calls and spoken to several of you and seen many of you.

Thanks for calling, coming in and checking in, always great to connect with you.


My biggest message to you is health is our greatest wealth.


Our spirit and mind control much or what our bodies do and how they feel.


Keep your spirits high, it is amazing how much more the body will feel in just doing that.


Some good news

We have zero patients with COVID-19 and zero staff and zero providers with COVID-19.


I was given from the Health Atlast Long Beach Dr Newton, DC the following good news about the effectiveness of Chiropractic:


The 1918 flu provides historical significance to the immune system benefits of the chiropractic adjustment. From the book “The Official History of Chiropractic in Texas,” by Walter C. Rhodes, DC, I will provide some brief documented statistics from the book.


During the 1918 flu pandemic, the state of Iowa reported that medical doctors treated 93,590 influenza patients with 6,116 deaths, which is 1 out of 15. Out of the 4,735 patients treated by chiropractor care, there were a reported six deaths, which calculates to be 1 out of 789 during the 1918 flu.


Since we live in the information age, you can search for more information on the 1918 flu epidemic and the influence the chiropractic adjustment and benefits of natural health care during the 1918 global flu. 


Some of the common questions and insight we can provide -


The COVID-19 virus can not survive heat nor high humidity.

Therefore we continue to recommend for patients to use a humidifier at night.

You can add salt to increase the temperature of the steam that comes out of the humidifier.


Baking surgical masks to re-use at 158 degrees for 30 minutes is the best method that we have heard of so far.  Or washing cloth masks on high heat. 

Microwaving is not safe since masks may have metal or plastic fibers that can break down or become toxic that you would then be breathing.

Steaming with Hydrogen peroxide leads to you possibly later breathing hydrogen peroxide since it will be in the mask which would also not be recommended.


We suggest before you use a mask for extended periods of time brush your teeth, gargle with a mouth wash to kill any bacteria in your mouth to prevent concentrating the bacteria while wearing a mask.


Keep exercising even if for a short time.


The greatest risk factor for dying from the virus is underlying health conditions that can be lifestyle caused conditions where something can be done about it.


High Blood Pressure can be lowered with exercise, diet and chiropractic adjustments.

Type 2 diabetes is usually caused by obesity and can be corrected with change of diet and weight loss.

We can help you with any of this if you need extra assistance.

Smoking, vaping all can be stopped with assistance call us if you need help.


I was asked by a patient to explain how and why chiropractic adjustments work and why so many patients find them effective and feel so much better after.


Simple explanation –

The body is controlled by the brain, spinal cord and nervous system.

They send electrical and chemical signals to cause the body to work.

Think about if someone has injured their spinal cord or nerves the body parts that those nerves go to no longer work or minimally work.


As chiropractors we work to optimize the nervous system by alleviating any stress, impingement or interference that is occurring with the nervous system.


Since the spinal cord and brain are protected by the head, neck, middle back and lower back and traverse joints in the body nerves can become irritated, pinched or interfered with such that they will not be able to send correct signals.


The chiropractic adjustment moves joints and bones to be able to remove interference with the nervous system so that the nervous system can do what it is supposed to do – control the healthy function of virtually every cell, tissue and organ system in your body.


Sometimes people will say I don’t believe in Chiropractic.  Well it is not a religion or a belief system it is a Science and Procedure that is applied to the body by a doctor of chiropractic to improve motion, function and health.


One of the reasons that chiropractic works against the virus is as chiropractors we optimize your body, your system, your health, your nervous system which also optimizes your immune system and your immune system response.  Chiropractic has been proven to lower blood pressure, decrease stress and improve function and immune system response.


A strong healthy immune system and normal healthy immune response is what keeps people out of hospitals and prevents death.


Our bodies have been exposed to many viruses and bacteria throughout time.  Yes the novel coronavirus is a new virus that the immune system has not had to fight before but just like any other pathogen the body can and will respond and if it can respond appropriately and you are healthy you have a total ability to fight it like the majority of people have.


The immune response can be thought of as your soldiers that help fight off enemies.

Like any war you have to gear up, be extra protective and have protective layers of defense.


Thus I recommend while out – wear glasses or goggles to protect entrance to your eyes.

Wear a mask to protect your nose and mouth again openings into your body.

Cover any little cuts, hang nails that have snagged and have an opening into the body.  Put triple anti-biotic cream on anything that is an open wound to prevent infections.


Use the humidifier at night to prevent dry cracks in your skin at night in your nose or nasal passages.


Wash your hands since the soap will emulsify or dissolve the virus’ protective outer layer coat causing it to die.


Use lotion over your hands and skin again to prevent micro-cracks or areas of entrance to the body.


Sit up, breathe deeply, exercise this will increase your circulation.  The blood circulation is what allows the immune system to travel throughout your body to protect you.  The anti-bodies are circulated through the body through your circulation and lymphatic system therefore if you move around, stretch increase the heart rate it will pump the anti-bodies around to clean the body of any bacteria, virus or waste.


Massage areas yourself will help too – under the arm pit, in the crease of your thigh in your groin area and the front of your throat and back of your neck, behind your knees. 

There are many lymph nodes in those areas that help fight off infection and disease and prevent stagnation of waste material.




Mentally – force yourself to smile.

Watch, read or do things that make you laugh

A Happy Person is a Healthy Person


Take a walk look at those things that are around you.


Do things that you can for others.


Simple thing – while you are walking around or driving around if you see graffiti, trash that needs to be cleaned up you can call 311 from a cell phone or go to

Report it and the city will come and remove it.

It is a great time to keep our city clean, safe and healthy too.


Keep a gratitude journal either in a notebook or on the computer just write down all that you are grateful for.  If you don’t like to write things down you can always do it in your mind before you try to fall asleep.  You will have a much easier time falling asleep and more pleasant sleep if you direct your mind to think and review that which you are grateful for.

I know some are going through some really rough times and it takes a lot to think of what you can be grateful for.

Start with something simple – I am grateful I can breathe, I am grateful I can think, I am grateful I can see, hear, walk, talk and anything else you may have.


I am always open to talk to any of you to help.


Gigantic hugs to you.


I want to give you my gratitude

I am grateful for all of our patients for you that have trusted us with your health

For all of you that not only have us treat you but your friends, family, loved ones, babies, parents and grandparents and loved ones

I am grateful for all of the patients that have purchased packages of care especially now

You have no idea how much it has helped

With your help we have been able to stay open, be here for all of you and for our staff and their family

Your help, smiles and all that you do for us is making huge meaningful impacts beyond just ourselves

With your help we are able to be here to help and for that we are forever grateful to you so thank you.




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