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CalChiro Santa Monica District at the Shatterproof 5K: Rise Up Against Addiction

Several Los Angeles area Districts were well represented at the Shatterproof 5K Run this past weekend at LA’s Grand Park. These selfless chiropractors, showed up early to extoll the virtues of chiropractic as a solution for the opioid crisis, which has been reaching a fever pitch in California and around the country. Even our new president, Dr. Danny Gambino came up for the event to show support for CalChiro’s mission to have a chiropractor as part of all Californians healthcare team. CalChiro was mentioned as participants began the race. Organizer, Dr. Glenn Fischel (Santa Monica) said, “We felt it was important to be part of the solution by getting the word out about how chiropractic is a simple, safe, effective and entirely natural approach to helping those not only with addictions but preventing the need for harmful, addictive opioid use in the first place.


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