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Telemedicine & Healthy Tips

Good morning everyone,

In addition to our normal services -We are now offering Telemedicine.

We are available for all patients that need and want to do video and or phone consults we will be doing telemedicine with our doctors.  Most patient insurance companies will cover it the exact same way as a doctor’s office visit.  Also Medicare patients will be covered.

We will be able to do phone and video evaluations, consultations, order any labs needed and even have exercise therapy sessions.

We will be happy to see your smiling face via video J

We will give you a gigantic virtual hug and high 5.

Simply call the office to schedule your telemedicine visit with our providers.  We will make a scheduled dedicated time to meet with you via phone or video whichever you prefer through a medium you prefer.

As there are more staying at home I wanted to share some updated tips.

If you are washing your hands regularly apply lotion, cream or vitamin E to your skin.

Excessive washing and using hand sanitizer will dry out your hands and make your body susceptible to skin break down.  Add lotion, creams and vitamin E will protect your skin and make a barrier between the outside world and your hands.

After a shower or bath put lotion, coconut oil or cream on your body again to create a protective barrier from your skin and the outside world.

Some experts report that the Corona Virus cannot survive 133 degrees Fahrenheit heat.

Change your tooth brush regularly or minimally boil your tooth brush and hair brush to disinfect you and your family members’ tooth brushes.

Stay healthy.

This a great time to clean out your bathroom drawer that has all the lotions and soaps that you have collected while traveling.  Know that lotions and soaps are made up of fat, they do get rancid and go bad so that if it is old throw them away use up the newer ones and create a mini vacation and memory of your vacation while using them.

While using your humidifier at night change the water nightly and add salt to increase the temperature.

The humidity will help keep your nasal passage healthy and increase the steam temperature.

Eat as healthy as you can – lots of steamed or cooked vegetables and fruit.  Cherries, citrus, Kale, deep green vegetables have the highest vitamin and mineral content to help with optimum body function.

Make smoothies, add protein powder as snacks in between meals to not get overly tired of low on fuel for the body.

Go to bed early, wake early and take naps when you get tired.

Add garlic, red onion, ginger for immune support and health.

Go through your cabinets now is a great time to make some creative healthy meals, throw out anything expired.  Go through your vitamins throw out any expired vitamins and take any that have been recommended.  If you have questions call us and we can let you know what vitamins can help.

Drink water.  With water the body can transport out and move out waste and filter, without it your body is not able to work as efficiently as it is capable of.  Imagine trying to wash really dirty dishes with little or no water and you get the picture.  Imagine having tons of water and soap it is a lot easier.

If you are used to working lots of hours and are now at home wondering what the heck to do with your time. 

A couple of ideas –

Take a walk a couple of times a day – good to get outside – get some fresh air and vitamin D and get fit now that you have the time

Do some light exercise in the house – some basic pushups or modified pushups if you need to, stretches will prevent you from becoming a coach potato

Download Overdrive and hoopla for free library books, audio books.

Read those books you never seem to have the time to read or something that will inspire you.

Find those unfinished projects at home and get them done.

Declutter, organize your closet, go through that junk drawer or area that needs to be gone through.

In a time where things may feel out of control doing what you can control will help you mentally and keep you in control of what you can control.  You will feel better in a clean and organized environment.

Remember we will all get through this.

The majority of earth does not have this virus and the majority of people that have gotten the virus have survived thus it is all a matter of staying healthy and happy.

We are here for you let us know if you need anything at all.

Health Atlast

Dr. Stephanie Higashi, DC

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