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Therapeutic Massage vs. Regular Massage

Massage has evolved far beyond a way of merely pampering ourselves with a day at the spa. Massage dates back to at least ancient Egypt and was used in India, Japan, China, Rome and Greece. As our understanding of the body has increased, so have massage techniques evolved and developed.

A great massage does have a “feel good” effect on the body. It not only reduces muscle pain, stress and even headaches, it will release endorphins, the pain-killing hormones that your body naturally produces during activities like exercise and massage.

Many people ask what is the difference between Therapeutic Massage, also know a Medical Massage, and a massage that you can get at a local massage parlor or spa. Therapeutic Massage is specifically directed by medical providers to treat the specific areas of concern, whether it is sciatica, disk herniation or a sports injury. This is not just a massage to feel good. It is specifically designed to relieve pain, help promote healing and correct the problems that you are experiencing. This is the major difference and why it is of such importance to receive therapeutic massage rather than a general massage where someone isn’t aware of your medical history, medications, surgeries or x-ray findings.

While many practitioners may treat a persistent pain by covering up the symptom with a painkiller. For instance, when treating persistent pain caused by trigger points, hyper-irritable areas of swelling in the muscle, the doctors at HEALTH ATLAST may recommend the use of chiropractic adjustment with therapeutic massage or acupuncture to relieve pain while treating the underling condition that is causing the pain. This is far less invasive than opioids or other painkillers.

Whether you are seeking a massage to relax stress away or are dealing with a chronic or acute condition, Therapeutic Massage is a safe, holistic approach.

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