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Diagnostic Testing

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At Health Atlast, the staff provides you with full access to the latest on-site diagnostic services, ensuring that you receive a fast and accurate diagnosis. At their offices located in West Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Fountain Valley, CA, Moorpark, CA, Long Beach, CA, Orange, CA, Sherman Oaks, CA, Fountain Valley, CA and Boonton, NJ, the experienced medical team can diagnose a variety of injuries and illnesses with in-office technology like ultrasounds, X-rays, and nerve conduction velocity tests. Learn more about available diagnostic tests by calling the office nearest you or by requesting an appointment online today.

Diagnostic Testing Q & A

What Diagnostic Tests Are Available?

The medical team offers a variety of advanced diagnostic tests to confirm or rule out injuries and underlying medical conditions. Available tests include:

  • X-rays
  • Ultrasound
  • Nerve conduction velocity tests
  • Antigen leukocyte cellular antibody tests (ALCAT)


For your convenience, Health Atlast offices operate an on-site lab that can quickly analyze blood work.

What is an Antigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test?

The antigen leukocyte cellular antibody test (ALCAT) is a diagnostic tool that can determine if you’re intolerant of certain foods and other environmental substances.

The ALCAT uses a blood sample to measure how leukocytes and blood platelets respond to different foods and environmental materials. During the test, your Health Atlast provider can identify changes in the size and number of cells that develop after exposure to different materials.

The results of an ALCAT are important in creating a plan to help you avoid certain substances to prevent an allergic reaction. Testing can be especially crucial if you’re prone to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction, which causes inflammation in your airways, interfering with your breathing.

Why Would I Need a Nerve Conduction Velocity Test?

A nerve conduction velocity test is a diagnostic tool that determines how fast electrical signals move through your nerves. You might need this test if you’re suffering from muscle dysfunction or other unexplained muscle issues.

A nerve conduction test can rule out or confirm diseases of the muscles and conditions like:

  • Bell’s palsy
  • Direct nerve injury
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome


Abnormal nerve conduction velocity test results could indicate that you have nerve damage that affects how your muscles move and function.

What are the Benefits of On-Site Diagnostic Testing?

Health Atlast is the world’s first multidisciplinary health care provider, ensuring you have what you need on-site to stay healthy. In order to effectively treat your condition and its symptoms, the medical team relies on the latest advances in diagnostic technology.

By having on-site access to diagnostic tests, you don’t have to wait long for your results, so treatment can start as quickly as possible.

You also enjoy the convenience of having all medical services at one site, preventing you from having to travel to local hospitals or other facilities for diagnostic tests. All of your Health Atlast providers can review your results and work together to create the right care plan based on your medical condition and specific needs.

To learn more about Health Atlast’s on-site diagnostic testing, call the office nearest you today or request a diagnostic consultation online now.