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Massage Therapy

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Health Atlast

Integrative Medicine located in Fountain Valley, Long Beach, Moorpark & Sherman Oaks, & West Los Angeles CA, Colorado Springs, CO, Pocatello, ID, Boonton, NJ, & Oyster Bay, NY.

Massage therapy not only helps you achieve a deep sense of relaxation, but it also has many proven, long-term health benefits. The skilled massage therapists at Health Atlast offer several types of in-office massage to help you maintain overall wellness and health. At their offices located in West Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Fountain Valley, CA, Long Beach, CA, Moorpark, CA, Orange, CA, Sherman Oaks, CA, Fountain Valley, CA, Colorado Springs, CO, and Boonton, NJ you can find relief from muscle tension, pain, and other chronic issues through comprehensive massage therapy. Learn more about customized massage by calling the office nearest you or by scheduling an appointment online today.

Massage Therapy Q & A

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy uses a variety of techniques to manipulate your muscles to relieve tension, pain, and frequent spasms. The certified massage therapists at Health Atlast customize your therapy session to address areas of tightness and pain in your muscles, connective tissues, and other soft tissues.

The goal of massage therapy is to relax your body and improve overall blood circulation.

What Types of Massages are Available?

Health Atlast massage therapists are skilled in a variety of massage techniques, offering services like:

  • Shiatsu Massage: A massage technique that uses pressure from the fingers, thumbs, and palms to increase energy flow throughout the body and restore balance. Shiatsu massages can provide deep relaxation, ease stress and pain, and restore a sense of well-being.
  • Swedish Massage: Swedish massage techniques use gentle pressure, long strokes, and deep circular motions to relieve tension in the muscles and soft tissues. This type of massage is a good choice for beginners and those who want to relieve stress and relax.
  • Sports Massage: Sports massages use techniques similar to Swedish massage, except they use more pressure to treat trigger points, areas of tight muscles, and other areas affected by sports participation. This type of massage benefits those patients experiencing chronic pain and frequent muscle spasms. Athletes can also benefit from therapeutic sports massages to enhance their performance and prevent muscle-related injuries.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Deep tissue massage techniques target the deep tissues of the body to address chronic muscle pain, persistent soreness, and muscular imbalances. This type of massage is good for relieving tight muscles at the deepest level. Deep tissue massage can also reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage: A style of massage designed to move fluids away from areas of injury or a surgical site to prevent lymphedema, a buildup of fluids in your lymphatic system.


The staff at Health Atlast also offers customized massage therapies to pregnant women as well as services like:

  • Acupressure
  • Medical massage
  • Ear coning and candling


Your Health Atlast provider can determine which type of massage will benefit you most based on your underlying health conditions and treatment goals.

What is ear Coning and Candling?

Ear coning and candling is a treatment that removes wax buildup in the inner ear. The heat from the candle draws excess earwax and other materials out of the ear without invasive procedures.

Treatment reduces wax buildup that can cause hearing loss and increase your risk of infection. Ear candling can also be beneficial in treating sinus infections, colds, and headache pain.

Schedule a massage therapy appointment today at the office nearest you by phone or using the online booking feature.