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Of adults in the United States reporting pain, just over 15% suffer from neck pain. If neck pain hinders you from working, getting regular exercise, or enjoying your favorite activities, the experienced medical team at Health Atlast in West Los Angeles can help. The holistic staff ease neck pain using chiropractic adjustments and other natural methods to alleviate pain without medications. Call to learn more or book an appointment online today.

Neck Pain Q & A

What is neck pain?

Neck pain is common among adults in the United States and involves any form of discomfort at or near your neck. You might experience:

  • Pain near your head, neck, shoulders, or upper back
  • Numbness
  • Weakness in your shoulders, arms, or hands
  • Shooting pain
  • Tingling
  • Pain during driving or working at a computer
  • Muscle spasms or tightness
  • Headaches
  • Decreased ability to move your head


Neck pain may be mild, moderate, or severe. An experienced holistic medical provider at Health Atlast helps you determine the underlying cause of your pain.


What causes neck pain?

Numerous factors can lead to neck pain or pain in surrounding tissues. Some common causes of pain at or near your neck include:

  • Muscle stress or strains
  • Worn joints or arthritis
  • Automobile accidents or sports injuries
  • Prolonged computer use
  • Repetitive motions
  • Tendon or ligament damage
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Nerve compression
  • Poor posture
  • Improper lifting techniques


When the cervical spine is misaligned, nerves often get compressed and cause chronic neck pain. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with neck pain that hinders your quality of life. Numerous holistic, natural remedies are available at Health Atlast.


How is neck pain treated?

An experienced chiropractor at Health Atlast uses chiropractic care to manage and alleviate neck pain using the following strategies:

A comprehensive evaluation

Your provider completes a comprehensive medical evaluation to find the underlying cause of neck pain. He or she determines the appropriate holistic treatment that best matches your needs.

Chiropractic adjustments

An experienced chiropractor adjusts your cervical spine to restore proper alignment and relieve pain caused by compressed nerves.

Therapeutic exercises and stretching

Neck exercises and stretching techniques strengthen the surrounding tissue and increase range of motion, which alleviates neck pain. Your chiropractor works with you to create a customized strength and stretching program to prevent neck discomfort from returning.

Deep tissue massage

A licensed massage therapist at Health Atlast provides deep tissue massage and other manipulation techniques to ease muscle tension in your neck, relieve compressed and irritated nerves, and alleviate pain.


Acupuncture is a technique your acupuncturist uses to aid in healing, reduce pain, and improve overall health and wellness. They place tiny needles into your skin at strategic points to alleviate neck pain naturally.


How can I prevent neck pain?

Receiving regular adjustments from your chiropractor is the best way to maintain proper spinal alignment and prevent neck pain. Other steps you can take include:

  • Maintain proper posture
  • Get regular exercise
  • Avoid improper lifting techniques
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads
  • Take breaks when working at a computer
  • Use comfortable pillows on your bed


Whether you have chronic neck pain or simply want to avoid this often debilitating condition, schedule an appointment at Health Atlast today or book online.