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Stretch Therapy

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Stretch therapy is an exciting approach that can relieve pain and increase joint mobility. The team at Health Atlast is trained in many forms of stretch therapy and can create a customized program to deliver targeted results. With several offices located in West Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Fountain Valley, CA, Moorpark, CA, Long Beach, CA, Orange, CA, Sherman Oaks, CA, Fountain Valley, CA and Boonton, NJ, your first stretch therapy session is just around the corner. Call or use the online booking tool to schedule your initial visit today.

Stretch Therapy Q & A

What is Stretch Therapy?

The benefits of stretching have been documented for many years. That’s why so many fitness and relaxation practices are centered on stretching. Yoga and Pilates are among the most popular, but many men and women swear by activities like tai chi and foam rolling, which also involve stretching.

You can practice stretching at home by following online videos or books. Many classes focus on stretching in a group setting. Stretch therapy is different in that it delivers the benefits of stretching while under the care of a skilled medical professional. It often involves far more targeted and deep stretching than you can do on your own.

What are Some Benefits of Stretching?

Most men and women who practice stretching for more than a few weeks can’t imagine their lives without it. The many benefits of stretching can be hard to list, but some of the more common positive results include:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved range of motion
  • More blood flow to your muscles
  • Enhanced physical performance
  • Better posture
  • Stress relief
  • Improved healing
  • A deeper sense of calm and relaxation


This is far from a full list. Adding stretching into your overall health and fitness routine can bring a wide range of benefits.

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Your fascia is a dense web of connective tissues that support and connect every system of your body. When these tissues become tight they can create pain and reduce flexibility.

Fascial stretch therapy relieves these issues by improving blood flow, increasing flexibility, and lessening discomfort and tightness.

How Do I Know Where to Begin Stretching?

The best way to begin stretching is to work with a skilled practitioner. He or she can direct you to perform targeted stretching during your sessions, achieving a deeper stretch than you might get on your own without overworking your muscles or joints.

During your sessions, your practitioner will teach you how to perform a customized stretching routine at home. That enables you to take what you’ve learned and put those skills to use, enhancing your own health.

When you’re ready to explore all that stretch therapy has to offer, schedule an appointment at Health Atlast today, online or over the phone.