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A Message from Health Atlast to Stay Healthy!

Dear Patients,

I want to personally reach out to you.

I understand the news, media, and social media has a lot of influence that may create a lot of fear and anxiety.

I want to share with you what I am telling patients and also share my knowledge about viruses over the past 20 years of practice.

First and foremost, I want you to know we will be open at Health Atlast all of the regular hours and are always here to help patients.

I think with all the closures, it will give everyone time to have time for themselves to come in and get treated.

It is also a great time to do Spring Cleaning at your home like cleaning out your closets, completing unfinished tasks, spending time making and creating healthy meals. Its a great time to prep and freeze your homemade healthy meals.

My biggest advice is to not allow yourself to be stressed or go into a panic mode. This is a reminder that the mind is the most powerful thing we have, and so often the body will follow what the mind believes.

Reassuring yourself that you are healthy, strong, and you have been doing things to stay healthy.

Remind yourself every day that you will stay and keep healthy this is extremely important to do throughout the day and every day.

Some tips:

First and foremost, if you take the best care of yourself a strong and healthy immune system can fight off viruses by:

Getting enough sleep. Your body requires sleep to recover and stay strong.

If you are having trouble sleeping, consider taking the supplement Calm which is a Magnesium powder that helps the body to relax and sleep. There is also a prescriptive amino acid Sentra PM if you are in need of additional help to sleep.

The key is to try to quite your mind. Often meditation and counting your breath will relax you and bring your attention on positive affirmations and thoughts to help you fall asleep.

When you wake up write down or say to yourself things you are grateful for, make your bed and force yourself to smile since it will set your mood for the day and just being in a better mood improves immune function.

Listen to happy & healing music and online exercise videos on YouTube to increase immune system and eradicate bacteria. Expose your mind to good news or good shows that make you laugh; not drama, crime, action or things that make you feel depressed. Protect yourself throughout the day to who and what you expose yourself to. Help improve healthy relationships by encouraging only positive topics. Drama can be contagious too. Having agreements to only talk about positive things can help make things stay more positive.

Exercise during the day even if for a few minutes.

Moving around, bending down touching your toes and reaching up to stretch helps move lymphatic system and increases circulation.

Take a shower or bath at night before you go to bed. This will ensure that anything you have been in contact with during and throughout the day is washed off and not getting into your bed or staying in your bed and infecting you. Be sure to dry your hair thoroughly to prevent fungus and from getting cold at night.

Change your sheets every 3 days.

Avoid scented products or perfumes and colognes since those will tax the immune system.

Floss your teeth at night, people forget that gum health is vital. Keeping your gums healthy prevents access into the body and is a great first line of defense. Use a water pick daily if you have one.

Eat 3 healthy meals a day. I often take health histories of patients and hear that they skip meals, eat poorly like fast food or high fried food with little fruits and vegetables. Your body requires good clean fuel to be able to fight and function therefore eat healthy. Try using food delivery service to avoid crowds at the store like Instacart.

I tell my staff if you must ask if something is healthy or not you probably already know the answer.

Sugar, sugary drinks and carbonated drinks can break down the immune system. So try to limit sugar and sugar intake and instead take Vitamin C, eat fruit, and drink water.

If you buy fruit and cant eat it all freeze it to use for smoothies.

The immune system is made up of anti-bodies that are made from protein.

Adding protein shakes can help keep your protein intake high enough to ensure you have the storage to make greater anti-bodies for your immune system.

Water is needed to move waste out.

Drink more water than you think so that you will be able to move out any waste.

If you already drink a lot of water be sure to add electrolytes like an electromix to your water to prevent diluting your electrolytes.

People that have gotten the virus with fevers have gotten over the virus by staying very hydrated.

Adding electrolytes to water is better than brands like Gatorade since they do not have food dyes and high sugar.

Use a humidifier at night when you sleep.

The humidifier keeps the mucosa of the skin and skin in general from cracking. Micro-cracks allow a susceptibility to the immune system and the humidifier will help prevent with this.

Zinc also helps line the mucosal walls and prevents reinfection.

Ginger cut it and boil it in hot water drink it with honey to help the immune system.

Ginseng tea also helps the immune system.

Many people forget that Sunshine is actually needed for the immune system and mood.

Many people are deficient in Vitamin D that is vital for the immune system.

When it is not wet and cold take a walk look around, breath deeply to allow fresh air into the lungs and to get Vitamin D to improve the immune system.

If you are at high risk for slips and falls just sitting or standing outside to get some fresh air and sunshine will help.

Finally come in get adjusted, see the doctor, have acupuncture, have a relaxing destressing massage.

Take care of you. This is the time to do so.

With love, care, lots of big hugs out to you!

Call anytime, come in anytime and if you need anything at all even an ear to bend or have questions let us know we are all here ready to help.




Dr. Stephanie Higashi, DC

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