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More Updates on COVID-19 and NEW Check-in Procedure

Dear Patients,

Hope everyone is staying healthy and happy. Recently, I’ve been receiving several calls from patients asking how they would know if they could potentially have COVID-19 or if they should see a Doctor.  Please visit or for symptoms and prevention tips. 

If you’re feeling shortness of breath you can use a pulse oximeter on your smartphone.  A pulse oximeter measures the oxygen in the blood. 

Anything above 90 is good.  If your pulse ox starts to measure below 90 then it should be monitored for concern.  Please note that people having panic attacks could cause shortness of breath, so the best thing is to test when you are calm. 

I just want to continue to remind people to stay healthy and make sure to open the windows and get fresh air, go outside to get some Vitamin D.  Please continue to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables or cook the vegetables lightly throughout the day.  You could also mix them in smoothies and be sure to have extra protein to keep your immune system high.  As a reminder, we have Vitamin C injections, Vitamin B-12 injections, Vitamin C packets with Zinc to add to water and electrolyte mixes.  Make sure you are taking your regular vitamins as well.  Also, red onions and garlic is a great antiviral ingredient for your system. 

We have a new procedure for patients that are healthy and visiting the clinic.  Before you check-in we will:

  1. Check your temperature
  2. You will have to wash your hands
  3. You will then check-in at the front desk
  4. If you need a private room let us know. When you get treated you will need to take your shoes off

If you are elderly, immune-compromised or need special arrangements; we will accommodate you outside of our business hours. 

If you are not able to come to the clinic; we are all set up to do Telemedicine visits with you for evaluations including physical therapy, exercises, and stretches.

WE will together get through this.     

Be Well and all my wishes of health to you!


Dr. Stephanie Higashi, DC

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