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Health Atlast Philosophy

Health Atlast approaches wellness differently. Together, Drs. Stephanie and Wayne Higashi, DC, had the vision of opening clinics that would provide the care and treatment they would want for themselves and their family. Where the best doctors are working together to provide the highest technology of health care all in one location.

Since graduating together in 2000, the practice took over a pre-existing practice in 2001 that had been in existence since 1987. They grew tremendously and soon found they needed more space and doctors to help keep up with the number of patients they were seeing.

Finding the need to provide a comprehensive approach to care and really needing to face the issue of a large number of medications prescribed, they built a team of board-certified medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists to provide multidisciplinary care for patients. The team at Health Atlast treats your pain, injury, and illness in a cohesive way. They work together as one to optimize your health, increasing the effectiveness of your therapy.

The Higashis saw the need to have this comprehensive approach in more than just West LA and out of seeing the opioid crisis, high suicide rates and overdose problem they together established in 2012, Health Atlast – the first multidisciplinary health care franchise in the world. Each Health Atlast franchisee has been personally selected and each clinic offers convenient office locations across the Los Angeles metro area, including West LA, which was established in 2014, serving Mar Vista, Culver City, and Venice, Marina Del Rey, Inglewood and Playa del Rey, area as well as clinics located in Sherman Oaks, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley and Long Beach California. The team has helped thousands of patients find lasting relief through multidisciplinary pain and wellness management.

Patients often come to Health Atlast with messy histories of care. They have been prescribed multiple medications by numerous providers rather than receiving a complete treatment plan from one office. Founders Stephanie Higashi, DC, and Wayne Higashi, DC, created a medical clinic that offers patients holistic treatment options.

Health Atlast partners with you to better understand your condition and develop a custom treatment plan. They provide medical exams, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, have onsite x-ray. They have arthritis treatment therapies, chiropractic services, migraine headache treatment, and more all under one roof.

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